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My name is Maxwell Q. Bolen. I’ve worked in the plastics industry for a number of years, both in an engineering and a manufacturing capacity. I have a Master of Science degree in plastics engineering, and I would like to share my knowledge of plastics with the general audience.

Plastics are used in just about every walk of life, in applications that are often so mundane that we don’t even think of them. On this website, I will discuss the role of plastics in protecting the property, privacy, and peace of mind of those who use them, through a series of well-written posts.

This website focuses on things like window film that protects your privacy, garage floor covering that protects your concrete floor, and high density foam that can help you save money on your energy bills and reduce your carbon footprint.

Please feel free to read my posts and leave thoughtful comments.

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Special thanks to photographer P_A_H for the photo that is used on the header of this website. His work can be found at this site.

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