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Acrylic sign holders can do a great job in showing the world what your business or your products are capable of doing. They do a great job in getting your message out to the world in any environment. They are relatively cheap, have great optical clarity, and are sturdy enough to do what they are designed to do. This article will explore some of the many benefits of using acrylic sign holders, discuss some of the most commonly used types of acrylic sign holders, and some of the ways that acrylic sign holders can be used, all in an effort to assist you in determining if acrylic sign holders can help you with your business.

Benefits Of Using Acrylic Sign Holders

Add Some Professionalism And Draw Attention To What You Are Trying To Say

The use of acrylic sign holders produces a very cost-effective and efficient way to display printed information, whether that be an announcement or an advertisement for the services that your business has to offer. If your information is being displayed in a professional-looking acrylic sign holder, then people will be more likely to look at it. Many of the same announcements that might be simply posted on a cork bulletin board might be overlooked, where a wall-mounted acrylic sign holder could really make your announcement stand out among the rest.

Protects Your Information, Saving You Time And Money

Announcements and advertisements that are not protected might get torn, or have something spilled on them, requiring you to make reprints, costing you precious time and money. One of your competitors might even take your sign down. However, if you are storing these announcements in an acrylic sign holder, then the plastic will protect your information from wear and tear, stains, dirt, and other things that might require you to print out more. If the signs are stored in a wall mount acrylic sign holder, then your competition will be less likely to remove your signs. This is one of the big reasons why my father uses acrylic sign holders to display information about his business at trade shows.

Compare Acrylic Sign Holders To Wood, Glass, And Metal Sign Holders

One good thing to know about acrylic sign holders is that they are impact-resistant. After all, acrylic is the same material as Plexiglas, and most everyone knows how tough that is. Glass sign holders may break in response to an impact, possibly creating a safety hazard with the broken glass. Many wood sign holders also use glass for the display, making them susceptible to breaking as well.

Acrylic sign holders are generally less expensive than wood, glass, and metal sign holders. This means a lot if you have to buy a large quantity of sign holders, but are operating on a shoestring budget. Acrylic sign holders can help you get your message out to the masses while helping you save money at the same time.

Acrylic sign holders are also easier to clean than wood sign holders, as they usually require nothing more than to be wiped clean with a damp cloth. They won’t stain from anything that is spilled on them. They are also lighter in weight than wood, glass, and metal sign holders, making them a lot easier to carry around if you’re on the go.

Many Different Shapes And Sizes Available

Depending on what you intend to display, acrylic sign holders come in many different sizes and shapes to accommodate a wide variety of items that include everything from movie posters to business cards. More information about some of the many available configurations can be found later in this article.

Can Mount On Many Different Surfaces

Acrylic sign holders can be designed to mount on a host of different surfaces. While the most common configurations include sign holders that can mount on a countertop or a wall, there are also acrylic sign holders that can mount on a glass window with the use of suction cups. Other types of sign holders might not give you this much design flexibility.

Types Of Acrylic Sign Holders

Angled Acrylic Sign Holders

The angled acrylic sign holder is shaped similar to an “L”, except that it is at an acute angle with respect to the base. You insert the sign through the slit of the holder on either side and it stands out very well. This works quite well at trade shows and similar expositions where you are trying to market your products. In fact, my father uses these acrylic table sign holders to highlight special promotions that he is offering at trade shows for his charter boat business. At the shows, he also uses acrylic business card holders that allow people who walk past the booth to pick up a card as they go by.

Angled Acrylic Sign Holder From

Acrylic Display Stands

An acrylic display stand has a triangular base that allows the stand to stand up straight. The sign can be seen from both sides. It is great for use at the restaurant table for holding drink or dessert menus. The sign is inserted through the top. On some acrylic display stands, a business logo could be inserted into the base. Another variation of this includes a flat, horizontal base that supports the sign holder.

X-Shaped Acrylic Sign Holders

The X-shaped acrylic sign holder is shaped like an X and allows 6 to 8 signs to be stored within one unit. It is commonly used in space-saving designs, where you have a lot to say, but relatively little space in which to say it. On some, the sign loads in from the sides, while on others, it loads from the top. Each sign can be read by simply rotating the holder. The X-shaped acrylic sign holder works well at restaurants and other places where multiple services are offered at different prices. Many of these are customized with molded-in feet to help them stand on the table better.

Acrylic Literature Holders

Some angled sign holders are equipped with a built-in brochure or a business card holder. If you are marketing a product or a service, then this gives you the opportunity to announce it to the public and give someone the opportunity to learn more about it and to contact you about it in the future.

Acrylic Slatwall Sign Holders

The acrylic slatwall sign holder is equipped with hooks or other attachments on the back so that it can be hooked onto a slatwall. Acrylic slatwall sign holders work well in an office environment or anywhere else that a grid or a slatwall is used.

Acrylic Slatwall Holder For A Shoe Display From

Acrylic Wall Sign Holders 

Acrylic wall sign holders or wall mount acrylic sign holders mount directly onto a wall by way of suction cups, magnets, or adhesive strips, depending on the type of wall to which it is attached. An acrylic wall mount sign holder can also be hung from a ceiling with the proper hanging hardware.

Now that you know about some of the more commonly used types of acrylic sign holders, you are in a position where you can do more research into the individual types so that you can determine which one will best suit your needs.

Several Key Uses Of Acrylic Sign Holders

After reviewing the many benefits that acrylic sign holders can offer you, as well as some of the many different configurations that are available, you still might not be sold on the idea of using them for your organization. Here, I will discuss some ways in which these sign holders are used in the real world.

Been To The Doctor Lately?

You can often find acrylic sign holders in the waiting room of any doctor’s office. These clear plastic sign holders are used to display pamphlets that are often used to alert patients about certain health conditions that they should be on the lookout for. Doctors also use them to hold business cards and other information that discusses the capabilities of the doctor, so that you will feel confident when it comes to dealing with him for all of your medical needs.

Eating Out?

As mentioned earlier in this article, restaurants use acrylic sign holders quite a bit in order to display and protect their menus. This makes it so that the customers don’t have to ask the server for a menu, as one is kept at every table. These holders make it so that the restaurants won’t have to reprint any of the menus because the menus will be protected from drink spills, grease, and tearing from repeated use. When the food arrives at the table, the sign holders are small enough to be moved out of the way rather easily.

Acrylic Menu Holder For A Wine List From

Goin’ Out To The Movies

If you’ve been to a movie theater recently, then you’ve probably seen posters on the walls that advertise upcoming films. These posters are often kept in acrylic wall-mounted sign holders so that they will be protected. These sign holders often bring more attention to the poster than the poster can bring to itself. Using an acrylic sign holder for something like this makes for more effective advertising than simply taping the poster to the wall. It is also more cost-effective than displaying the poster in a bulky and expensive glass frame that can be broken if it is mishandled.

Collectors Often Use Acrylic Sign Holders

Collectors of comic books and movie posters often use acrylic sign holders to protect their cherished items, keeping them in mint condition. As most people know when it comes to collectibles, any departure from mint condition will have a significant detrimental effect on the value of the item. So, it is important to protect these items from the surrounding environment. Some collectibles stores even use angled acrylic sign holders to prominently display certain items so that people will see them.

Great For Business Use At Trade Shows

As I mentioned earlier about how my father uses angled acrylic sign holders at trade shows, you can use these sign holders to display any kind of information that you want about your business. If your business is putting on a special promotion, where you are offering discounts or doing anything else that might draw attention, then an angled acrylic sign holder can display the announcement prominently so that people will take notice.

After reading this article, you should know a little bit more about how acrylic sign holders can be used to effectively communicate anything that you have in mind.

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