Reasons Why You Might Not Want To Use Plastic Storage Bins

When looking for ways to clean and organize your manufacturing facility, or your home, you have many options from which to choose. One of these options is the use of plastic storage bins. However, while these bins can offer a wide array of benefits to those who use them, there are some instances when they might not make the most sense. In this article, I will discuss a few of the reasons why you might not want to use plastic storage bins, and why another alternative might make more sense for you.

Cheap Plastic Storage Bins Aren’t Necessarily The Cheapest Option

Sure, things that are made out of plastic have a reputation for being cheap. However, plastic storage bins are not always the least expensive option in some instances. If you are storing things around your house, then you might want to consider cardboard boxes instead of plastic storage bins, as they are usually less expensive. Of course, this is true as long as the boxes are being kept in a climate-controlled environment, and they aren’t going to be moved around a whole lot. So, if you’re tight on money and are just looking to organize things around the house, then cardboard containers might be your better bet.

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Plastic Storage Bins Are Not The Most Environmentally-Friendly Option

If one of your main concerns happens to be the protection of the environment, then you might want to look toward another storage option. This is because plastic storage bins are not biodegradable. If you throw them away, then they will sit in a landfill for the rest of eternity. It may also cause animals to ingest some of the plastic, causing them problems. If you’re looking for something that is biodegradable, then you might want to look to cardboard boxes instead. It should also be mentioned that while most plastics can be recycled, the process is somewhat complicated due to the many different plastics that are currently on the market. In order for plastics to be recycled, they must first be sorted by the type of plastic, which can present a headache in itself. It is much easier to recycle things that are made out of glass or tin. Also, if you want the ultimate in reusable, then go with a metal storage bin that’s made out of aluminum or stainless steel. It should also be mentioned that virtually all plastics are derived from petrochemicals, so if you have a moral objection to the use of fossil fuels, then you might want to look elsewhere for your storage options. Perhaps, glass might be the thing for you.

Not As Durable As Other Options

If you need your storage containers to be able to handle a lot of abuse, then you might not want to go with plastic storage boxes, because they’re not quite as durable as aluminum or stainless steel containers. Metal storage bins are stronger and more impact resistant than their plastic counterparts.

Plastic Isn’t So Good In High-Temperature Environments

If you need something that is going to be used in extremely high-temperature environments, like baking in an oven, then don’t use plastic storage bins. Most plastics will melt at temperatures of 350 degrees Fahrenheit and above. At high temperatures that are lower than that, most plastics will at least warp, and may discolor over time. If you need dimensional stability at high temperatures, then you should consider metal storage bins.

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Not The Greatest In Food Storage Applications

If you need a storage option for keeping food, then you may want to exercise caution when dealing with plastic food storage containers. That is because many plastics contain chemicals like phthalates and bisphenol-A, that have been linked to cancer and other health problems. The concern with these plastics is that the chemicals will leach out of the plastic and into the food, which could then make the user sick. In food storage, plastic storage bins that are made from polystyrene, polycarbonate, and PVC should be avoided for this very reason. If you have to use a plastic container for food storage, then polypropylene is very safe for you to use. If you need something that will work at all times in food storage applications, then you should probably go with stainless steel containers.

Higher costs than cardboard, less durability than metal storage bins, the presence of potentially harmful chemicals, and not being biodegradable are just a few of the reasons why you might not want to use plastic storage bins. Before selecting any storage option, carefully evaluate the benefits and the drawbacks of each option as they apply to you.

Considerations To Take Into Account When Buying Plastic Storage Boxes

You are currently in the market for some storage options that you can use to help clean and organize your home or your place of business. Among the many storage options that are available are plastic storage boxes, and you are thinking about purchasing some of them for your use. However, before you run out and buy some of these storage containers, there are a number of considerations that you need to take into account in order to insure that you get the best plastic storage boxes for your particular needs. In this article, I will discuss some of the most important considerations that you should be thinking about prior to making a purchase.

How Will Your Plastic Storage Boxes Be Used?

One of the most important considerations involves exactly what the boxes will be used for. This will help to dictate what type of plastic storage boxes will be best for you, and whether you should even buy plastic storage boxes at all. For instance, if you intend to use these storage boxes for food storage, then you would do well to avoid plastic food storage containers that are made from polystyrene, polycarbonate, and PVC. This is because these particular plastics contain chemicals that have the potential to leach out of the plastic and into your food, possibly causing you health problems later on. When it comes to food storage, polypropylene containers will probably do you the most justice. If you plan to use these containers in high-temperature applications, like baking, then you shouldn’t be using plastic storage boxes at all, because they’ll probably melt. Also, if you’re going to be storing your items in a climate-controlled environment, then cardboard boxes might be able to get the job done at a significantly lower price.

The Size Of The Items Being Stored

You need to pay special attention to the sizes of the items that you intend to store, as this will usually dictate the size of box that you need to use. You need to select a plastic storage box that is of an appropriate size for the item that you are storing. For instance, if you’re storing small items like jewelry, then you should probably buy a smaller box. If you’re storing clothing or power tools, then you should consider a larger box. You want to use a box that is big enough to store your items, but not so big that some of the items get lost inside the box. When purchasing your plastic storage boxes, it is imperative that you know for sure that the boxes will be the right size, as many stores will not accept returns or offer refunds. You also need to make sure that the boxes will fit in the area that you have allotted for them. You may want to consider buying collapsible plastic storage boxes that can be folded up when not in use. There are also plastic storage boxes that can be stacked within each other in a space-saving arrangement.

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Consider The Shape Of The Box

You should also pay attention to the shape of the box. You need to make sure that the items that you intend to store will fit within the shape of the box. Remember that square and rectangular plastic storage boxes will hold more things than round storage boxes. It should also be mentioned that boxes of certain shapes will fit better on shelving than other shapes.


You need to decide whether the color of the boxes in question is important to you. With plastic storage boxes of many different colors, you can create a system of color-coded storage, where people will associate every item with a certain color and then go to the box of that particular color and find what they’re looking for. Plastic storage boxes of many different colors can really brighten up a room if they are kept on shelving in a prominent part of the room. You might also want to consider clear plastic storage boxes, as clear boxes will allow you to view the contents of the box without having to open up the box and dig through it in order to find what you’re looking for.

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The Presence Of Certain Add-Ons

You can have your plastic storage boxes customized with a number of different features. For instance, you can get plastic storage boxes with dividers that will allow you to sort items that are kept within the same box. An example of this would be a fishing tackle box, where you can separate hooks and sinkers by size. The storage of nuts and bolts would be another good example of using dividers. You might also want to consider plastic storage boxes with wheels that you can move around easily. This can be very important if you’re storing a bunch of heavier items.

How Much Can You Afford?

Cost is another very important factor when deciding what or how many plastic storage boxes to buy. Remember that as mentioned before, cardboard boxes are a lower cost alternative if you intend to keep your items in a climate-controlled area. You should also keep in mind that in general, bigger boxes will cost more than smaller ones. If you need to buy a lot of plastic storage boxes, then you may want to consider some of the large industrial suppliers that offer bulk pricing. You might even want to visit your local thrift store or salvage shop, where you can get many useful items for just pennies on the dollar. Another thing that you might want to consider is the fact that many plastic storage containers that are lying around your house can be re-purposed. For instance, an old milk jug or an old plastic coffee container might be able to help you store some of your smaller items, possibly eliminating the need for you to have to go out and buy so many storage containers.

How they will be used, the size and shape of the box, the color of the box, the presence of add-ons, and cost considerations are just a few of the many considerations that you need to take into account when purchasing plastic storage boxes. If you take the time to carefully consider each of these factors, then you will be less likely to regret your purchase later on.

Why You Should Consider Using Plastic Promotional Water Bottles To Advertise Your Business

After reviewing other posts on my website, you may have made the decision to use promotional water bottles as a way to promote the products and services that your business has to offer. Now, you need to make a number of decisions. One of these decisions regards what type of material your bottles will be made of. In general you have plastic, aluminum, stainless steel, and glass from which to choose. Each material has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. In this article, I will discuss some of the reasons why you should consider using plastic promotional water bottles for your business instead of promotional water bottles that are made from other materials.

You Can Save Money With Plastic Promotional Water Bottles

Perhaps, the biggest reason why you should give serious consideration to the use of plastic promotional water bottles is the fact that plastic water bottles are almost always less expensive than bottles that are made from other materials. You can often get plastic promotional water bottles made for your business that cost less than one dollar apiece. At the same time, water bottles that are made from either glass or metal may run you up to ten dollars apiece. If you need to get the word out about your business while still being able to cut costs in any way possible, then plastic promotional water bottles can serve as a cost-effective way to promote your business.

Short Lead Times

If you have a trade show coming up in the very near future, and you’ve just realized that you’re low on those promotional water bottles that you like to hand out, don’t panic. This is because plastic promotional water bottles usually have much shorter lead times than other water bottles. You can often have an order of plastic bottles finished and shipped to your place of business within a week. Promotional sports water bottles that are made from other materials often take significantly longer to produce. So, if you need bottles, and you need them right away, then you should really consider plastic promotional water bottles.

Plastic Promotional Water Bottle From

Plastic Promotional Water Bottles Can Give You More Design Flexibility

Another neat thing about plastic water bottles is that they can give you more options when you’re coming up with a design for your bottle. For instance, you can have plastic promotional water bottles made to be collapsible, so that they can be folded up and kept in a purse or a bag while the user is on the go. Aluminum, stainless steel, and glass promotional water bottles don’t come with this feature. Other neat features that you can get with plastic promotional water bottles include molded grips and handles, and curves that help the user to hold onto the bottle, even on a cold winter day. You can even have squeeze bottles that are made from plastic. While some of these features might be present with other bottles, plastic water bottles generally give you more latitude when it comes to selecting a design that will work for you.

Plastic Water Bottles Weigh Less Than Alternatives

Now, it’s time to put yourself in the shoes of the user. After all, when you hand these bottles out at trade shows, you need to make sure that the people to whom you hand these bottles are going to use them. Otherwise, you’re just throwing money down the drain. One big advantage that plastic promotional water bottles have over the metallic and glass counterparts is that the plastic bottles weigh significantly less. This can be very important if the potential user is a construction worker who constantly has to carry the bottle around with him from one job to the next. It also matters if the potential user is a lady who is always on the go, and needs a drink bottle that she can carry in her purse. Plastic water bottles are best suited for these kinds of situations, because metal and glass promotional water bottles generally weigh 5-10 times more than plastic water bottles, sometimes making them cumbersome to those who use them.

Plastic Water Bottles Are Less Likely To Break

One of the more obvious advantages of using plastic water bottles is that they are much less likely to break than glass promotional water bottles. Glass water bottles will almost certainly shatter if they are dropped onto a hard surface. Some users might actually drop these glass bottles before they even get to use them. This translates into less public exposure for your business. With plastic promotional water bottles, you don’t have to worry about this problem.


You can have your plastic promotional water bottles made transparent, allowing the user to be able to see just how much fluid is in the bottle without him having to remove the top and look inside. This feature is important to many users. Stainless steel promotional water bottles, and aluminum promotional water bottles don’t come with this feature, often leaving the user to guess how much fluid is inside. Of course, in these instances, the user will often guess wrong, making him wish that he had a clear bottle.

Lower susceptibility to breakage, more design flexibility, lower manufacturing costs, shorter lead times, transparency, and lighter weight are all reasons why you should consider using plastic promotional water bottles as a way to promote the things that your business has to offer.

What Users Are Saying About The Sterilite 3-Drawer Wide Cart Of Plastic Storage Drawers

If you are looking for some storage options that you can use for better organization and cleanliness around your home, then you have many options from which to choose. In this article, I will discuss what users are saying about the Sterilite brand 3-Drawer Wide Cart with plastic storage drawers, so that you can make a more educated purchasing decision.

About The Sterilite 3-Drawer Wide Cart

The Sterilite 3-Drawer Wide Cart is designed to help you conquer your overflowing storage problems. It is white, made entirely of plastic, and features three plastic storage drawers that are clear, helping the user to quickly identify the contents of the drawer. The cart is just over 15 inches long, 21 inches wide, and 24 inches tall. Due to its size, it can be used just about anywhere in your home. It features four casters that allows the user to roll the cart to wherever it will be used. The casters are easy to attach when assembling the cart. The cart is resistant to rust and cracks, and is very easy to clean with a damp cloth. It can be purchased at Wal-Mart, or on the internet at

Sterilite 3-Drawer Wide Cart With Clear Plastic Storage Drawers From Wal-Mart

Positive Reviews Of This Cart

Overall, the user response to the Sterilite 3-Drawer Wide Cart with clear plastic storage drawers has been favorable. Users feel that this cart is very reasonably priced at just under $20. It has been used in numerous places around the home, including the pantry where it has been used to store items like toilet paper, paper towels, and napkins. Others have used the cart to store arts and crafts supplies, as well as clothing. It also works great when used in a closet to store clothing, as it fits right under shirts and pants that hang from coat hangers. So, if you’re out of coat hangers, then you might want to consider using this cart in your closet. One user claimed that one drawer can hold up to 30 shirts.

Negative Reviews Of The Cart

However, some users have warned that you need to be careful regarding what type of items you put into the plastic storage drawers of the cart. They have reported that heavier items will make the drawers of the cart bow, making it so that the drawers won’t open and close as easily. Sometimes, the lower drawers will catch on the lip of the drawer that is above it. While some have enjoyed limited success with stacking two of these carts on top of each other, this might cause the cart on the bottom to warp. The cart also sits pretty low, which isn’t necessarily good for those who might have back problems, as it does require the user to bend over in order to access the drawers. Of course, one way around this problem is to simply set the cart on top of something. It has also been reported that the base where the casters connect to the drawers will break easily. So, this cart is not suited for heavier items. Some users have also reported that while the casters can be helpful in moving the cart around, they won’t last long if you’re constantly moving the cart day in and day out.

In summary, based on reviews from users, the Sterilite 3-Drawer Wide Cart is great for storing lightweight items like clothing, linens, and toiletry items. Its size makes it a perfect fit for the pantry or in the closet beneath hanging clothes. It also comes at a very reasonable price of under $20. However, due to its construction, it is not able to support heavy items and its casters and base are not designed for heavy duty usage.

Why I Prefer Plastic Storage Bins Instead Of Metal Storage Bins

When looking for a suitable storage option in your home, office, or garage, you may be considering plastic storage bins and metal storage bins among your many options. Each one of these two options has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. In this article, I will discuss why I prefer to use plastic storage bins instead of metal storage bins for my storage needs.

Plastic Storage Bins Are Less Expensive

One of the things that I like the most about plastic storage bins is that they are significantly less expensive than comparable containers that are made out of metals like aluminum or stainless steel. Sometimes, you can get plastic containers for less than half of the money that you would pay for metal bins that are of the same size. So, if you need to purchase a lot of bins, whether it be for your home, or for a manufacturing facility, then you can save quite a bit of money by using plastic storage bins instead of metal storage bins.

Clear Plastic Storage Bins From Dollar Tree

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Easier To Keep Clean Than Metal Storage Containers

Generally speaking, plastic storage bins are a lot easier to keep clean than metal storage containers. Normally, all that I have to do to keep my plastic storage bins clean is to wipe them down with a damp cloth. They are less likely to stain from anything that is spilled inside the bin, where most metal storage containers are painted, and the paint might stain from whatever is spilled on it. Another thing that makes plastic storage containers easier to clean than their metal counterparts is that they don’t have sharp edges that can cut you. One time, I was cleaning out my metal toolbox. I was scrubbing on a tough stain when my hand slipped and hit up against one of the rusty corners of the box. It cut me pretty good, but fortunately, I was current on my tetanus shots. With plastic storage bins, you don’t have this problem.

Plastic Storage Bins Don’t Rust

Another reason why I prefer using plastic storage bins instead of metal storage bins is that plastic storage bins don’t rust out like metal containers will. This is important if you are keeping these containers in an environment that isn’t climate-controlled, such as in your garage, or in your truck-mounted toolbox.

Like Clear Storage Containers? So Do I. 

You can get plastic storage bins in many different colors, including clear. There are a number of advantages to using clear plastic storage bins. The biggest benefit is being able to view the contents of the bin without having to take it off the shelf, open it up, and rummage through it. You know right away whether what you’re looking for is in the container. This can help you save a lot of time if you are trying to find something in a hurry. This transparency is not an option when dealing with metal storage containers.

Easier To Recycle

Almost all plastic storage bins can be recycled when they are no longer needed. You can’t say this about metal storage containers when they rust out. This is important if you’re concerned about the impact that you’re having on the environment. By using plastic storage bins and recycling them when you are done using them, you are helping out the planet while still meeting your storage needs.

Lighter Weight

Plastic storage bins are also lighter in weight than metal storage containers that are the same size. If you have to carry these bins for long distances, or if you have to stack them on top of each other, then this may be a significant concern for you.

Lighter weight, cost savings, corrosion resistance, ease of recycling, ease of cleaning, and transparency are all reasons why I prefer to use plastic storage bins instead of metal storage bins. If any of these items are of interest to you, then you should give them serious thought prior to selecting what you think are the best storage options for you.

How To Clean Your Plastic Storage Boxes

Plastic storage boxes are used in just about every walk of life, from storing items like food and clothing around the house to storing raw materials in a manufacturing facility. In order to get the most out of your plastic storage boxes, you need to keep them clean. In this article, I will discuss a number of different ways by which you can clean your plastic storage boxes, so that you can get more life out of them, along with ways that you can get rid of stubborn stains.

Plastic Storage Boxes Are Easy To Clean In Most Cases

In most cases, plastic storage boxes can be cleaned easily by scrubbing them with a cloth or a synthetic sponge in warm, soapy water. Rinse the boxes thoroughly to flush out all soap particles. When you do this, do not use a metal scraper or a steel wool pad, as these items might damage the surfaces of the box and leave behind plastic and metal particles. This is extremely important, especially if these plastic storage boxes are going to be used as plastic food storage containers. You don’t want metal particles to end up in your food. Once you’ve done this, you can dry them off with a dry cloth or put them in a dish drainer where they can air dry. Remember that the box is only as clean as the towel that you use to dry it. It is quite odd, given how simple it is to clean most plastic storage boxes, that a lot of people will simply opt to throw the boxes away once they get dirty. This is a shame, because you can save money and reduce the amount of garbage that your household generates by just taking a couple of minutes to clean your plastic storage boxes so that they can be reused.

Ways To Get Rid Of Stubborn Stains On Plastic Storage Boxes

Dish Soap

Most stains on plastic storage boxes can be eliminated by simply covering the stains with dish soap and letting the box sit for about 30 minutes. This should allow enough time for the soap to get into the pores of the plastic and get rid of the stain. For soap, I prefer using Dawn or Palmolive-brand antibacterial dish soap. Once you’ve done that, just scrub the container with a soft cloth and thoroughly rinse it out.

Chlorine Bleach

You can also immerse the plastic storage container in a mixture of warm water and chlorine bleach. When doing this, use one tablespoon of bleach for every one cup of warm water in order for the bleach to have the right amount of potency. Let the container soak for about 45 minutes, and then rinse it out until all of the bleach is gone. For bleach, although the Clorox brand has a lot of brand recognition, bleach is a commodity product. So, I prefer to use the Great Value brand that can be purchased at Wal-Mart for a lot less money. However, I wouldn’t recommend using this method if you are using the container for food storage.

Great Value Bleach From Wal-Mart

Oven Cleaner

You can also get rid of really stubborn stains by using oven cleaner. However, before you try to use oven cleaner to remove stains on your plastic storage containers, you need to make sure that you are doing it in a well-ventilated area. You might even want to go outdoors in order to do this due to the fumes. When using oven cleaner, just cover the stain with the oven cleaner, and let it set for the recommended amount of time. This will vary from one oven cleaner to the next, so you need to read the instructions that are on the bottle. Once the container has set for the recommended amount of time, you can scrub the container with a cloth or sponge to remove the oven cleaner. Once you’ve removed the oven cleaner, you can wash the plastic storage box like you normally would, with warm, soapy water. When doing the final cleaning, do not use the same cloth that you used to remove the oven cleaner. For oven cleaners, I prefer to use the EASY-OFF brand.

Easy-Off Heavy Duty Oven Cleaner – Picture From

Baking Soda

If none of the above methods have worked for you in getting rid of those tough stains, then try using a mixture of baking soda and hot water. Fill the container with the mix and just let it sit for about an hour. After that, you can wash the container like you normally would without the stains. This method works best on stains that come from acidic substances like tea or tomato juice. It also works well on stains that come from substances like fat or grease. This is because the baking soda neutralizes the acid within the stain as it breaks the stain down. Like bleach, baking soda is a commodity product as just about any brand will do. I prefer the Arm & Hammer brand myself, but you can save money by purchasing a store brand.

By using one or more of the above methods to keep your plastic storage boxes clean, you can get more useful life out of them, requiring you to purchase fewer replacement boxes, and reducing the amount of trash that gets discarded into our environment.

Plastic Tool Boxes

You recently inherited a tool set, but you have nothing in which to keep it. You need to get a tool box, but you are not sure what type you should get. Everybody who does a lot of work with tools will have his own opinion about which type of tool box is best. Depending on how often you use your tools, and how many tools you have, you need to figure out whether you need a tool box that you can carry with you, or a big toolbox that mounts to the bed of your truck. Once you have decided that, you need to decide whether you want a plastic tool box or a metal tool box. Contrary to popular belief, plastic tool boxes have many of the same benefits as metal tool boxes, and some other benefits that are unique to the plastic tool boxes. This article will explore some of these benefits of using plastic tool boxes and help you decide if plastic tool boxes should be a part of your purchasing decisions.

Contrary to popular belief, most plastic tool boxes are built to do the exact same jobs that metal tool boxes are designed to do. Like their metal counterparts, plastic tool boxes are made in a wide variety of sizes from small portable plastic tool boxes that you carry by hand to the big tool boxes that mount onto the back of your truck. Plastic tool boxes are generally less expensive than metal tool boxes, partly because of the bum rap they receive for being made of plastic.

Plastic tool boxes are much lighter than metal tool boxes of the same size. This goes a long way if you are a contractor or a mechanic who is in constant need of your tool box and you have to constantly lug it around with you from one job to the next. In this case, a plastic tool box could prevent you from suffering a debilitating injury such as those associated with a bad back. Plastic tool boxes are equipped with numerous trays that contain dividers in which to store small parts. When the tool box is opened, the trays fold out like steps. The bigger items are stored at the bottom, while the smaller ones are kept in the trays. Most metal tool boxes are not built with this feature. These tool boxes are mainly your portable tool boxes that you carry around with you, for light electrical work, or even as a fishing tackle box. When it comes to fishing, these types of tool boxes are great for storing small items like fishing hooks, lures, and other tackle. If you want to combine the lightweight features of a plastic tool box with being able to carry a lot of equipment, consider plastic tool boxes with wheels that can easily be pushed around on just about any type of shop floor.

Unlike metal tool boxes, plastic tool boxes don’t rust. Plastic tool boxes for trucks will not rust even though they sit out in the rain all the time. Granted, many metal tool boxes are designed not to rust as well, but not all of them. Plastic tool boxes are less likely to dent, although they can get scuffed up a bit, depending on where they are being used and how they are handled. Just like metal truck-mounted tool boxes, plastic tool boxes for trucks are equipped with locks to help protect your tools while you’re not around.

From reading this article, you should now be more informed about the benefits of owning plastic tool boxes and why you should consider them in your purchasing decisions.

Plastic Test Tubes

Test tubes are very important for conducting experiments in the scientific world. They are used to store various chemicals, and are used extensively in research to monitor chemical reactions that occur when chemicals are mixed together or when chemicals are exposed to certain conditions over a period of time. Most test tubes are clear, so that changes in color that might take place during a chemical reaction can be observed, but there are also some test tubes that come in different colors, to assist with color-coded organization in a laboratory. Test tubes are also used in the medical industry to store and test blood samples for blood type and various blood-borne diseases. Although most test tubes are made from glass, there are also plastic test tubes as well. If you are operating a laboratory at a small elementary school, or a chemistry lab where you work, you need to know whether plastic test tubes or glass test tubes are right for you. In this article, I will highlight some of the advantages and pitfalls of both plastic test tubes and glass test tubes so that you can decided what is best for your laboratory. Then, I will discuss some of the many different uses for plastic test tubes, and where you can get them.

Advantages Of Plastic Test Tubes Versus Glass Test Tubes

Cheap And Unbreakable

Plastic test tubes have a few advantages over glass test tubes. Plastic test tubes are generally less expensive than glass test tubes, which can be very important if you are operating on a shoestring budget. Some of these plastic test tubes can be purchased for as little as 30 cents apiece. Plastic polypropylene test tubes are unbreakable, especially ones with thicker walls, where glass test tubes are easily broken. If you accidentally drop a glass test tube, not only do you have to deal with the mess produced from the chemical that it was holding, but also with glass shards that have the potential of hurting someone, as well as contaminating other chemical mixtures. If you drop any plastic test tubes with caps, or plastic test tubes with corks, then you don’t have to worry about spilling your mixture either. You can do your work using plastic test tubes with caps and not have to worry about making a mess.

30mL Plastic Test Tubes With Caps From

Most cheap plastic test tubes are disposable and designed for one-and-done applications, where you throw them away after use. This is good if you don’t have a lot of storage space, or you just need the test tubes for one experiment. With disposable test tubes, you won’t have to worry about storing them in a bulky or expensive plastic test tube rack. Plastic beakers and test tubes are used extensively in biology in handling cultures, where there is no contact with corrosive materials or high heat. In these instances, you would have no choice but to go with the glass test tubes.

Advantages Of Glass Test Tubes Over Plastic Test Tubes

Glass test tubes have a number of advantages when compared to their plastic counterparts. As mentioned before, glass test tubes last longer than plastic test tubes as most plastic test tubes are designed to be thrown away after just one use. Glass test tubes can be used under high heat, where plastic test tubes might melt. Because of this advantage, glass test tubes give you more flexibility with regard to the types of experiments that you can conduct. Glass test tubes can be used around corrosive materials, while plastic test tubes cannot. These two advantages help to make glass test tubes the test tube of choice for use in chemistry and in physics. Finally, glass test tubes are much easier to clean, where with plastic, chemicals and bacteria may become trapped in the porous walls of the test tube. This is one of the reasons why plastic test tubes are only supposed to be used once before being discarded.

Now that you know the key differences between glass test tubes and plastic test tubes, you can decide which ones you should use in your laboratory while working on your projects.

Key Uses Of Plastic Test Tubes

Before you decide whether or not to purchase any plastic test tubes, you should be aware of the many different things that you can do with plastic test tubes. Here, I will outline some of these key uses in order to give you some added perspective.

Kids’ Experiments And Other School Projects

I can remember some of the science projects that I had to do while in middle school, and some of them involved the use of plastic test tubes. In one of them, I grew several different plants. In another project, I used them to compare densities of different materials. The neat things about these plastic test tubes was that I didn’t have to worry about breaking them, and I could just throw them away when I was done with them, instead of having to clean them. These plastic test tubes are still used today in children’s projects, because they are safer to use than glass test tubes.

Great For Children’s Projects! From

Storage Of Smaller Items

Plastic test tubes can also be used in storage applications, particularly with smaller items. At one time, my father used them to store tiny nuts and bolts that he used in his fishing reel repair business. He would label each tube according to the sizes of the items that he kept within the tubes. Girls can also use plastic test tubes to store small jewelry items, like earrings.

Plastic Test Tube Shot Glasses

Believe it or not, plastic test tubes can also be used as shot glasses. Just go to your local watering hole and ask for a test tube shooter of your favorite alcoholic beverage. Plastic test tube shot glasses can normally hold up to two ounces of your favorite drink, and can then be thrown away. So, while plastic test tubes are used in a lot of applications that involve work, they are also involved in a little bit of play.

Where You Can Buy Plastic Test Tubes

At this website, you can buy plastic test tubes that are also known as “baby soda bottles.” This is because the test tubes are threaded on the top to allow for a screw-on cap, just like on a soda bottle. They can be used by children to conduct a wide variety of projects. In fact, if you order test tubes on this website, then you will also get an activity guide that will give the user an idea as to the many different experiments that they can conduct. Right now, you can get 120 plastic test tubes with caps along with the activity guide for just $65. The order will normally ship out on the day after you make it, so you can rest assured that you will be getting your product quickly. is an online marketplace where you can buy thousands of different items at relatively low prices from the comfort of your own home or office. On this site, you can currently buy packs of 25 plastic test tubes for sale at the price of $7.25. On orders of over $25, you will also qualify for free shipping. These test tubes are 16 millimeters in diameter (approximately 5/8″) and 125 millimeters in length (about 5 inches). They come with press-on plastic caps that fit very snugly. They are produced by Lake Charles Manufacturing, the largest American manufacturer and distributor of plastic test tubes.

Need some plastic test tube shot glasses? Then, head on over to Their plastic test tube shooters can hold up to two ounces of your favorite beverage, and come in a wide assortment of colors. Right now, you can get a dozen of these shot glasses for just four dollars. On top of such a good price, they give you peace of mind with a customer satisfaction guarantee. If you don’t like their product, then visit one of their 600 nationwide stores and exchange or return the item hassle-free without any questions asked.

Plastic Test Tube Shot Glasses From

Mountain Home Biological

These folks sell a wide variety of high-quality scientific supplies that are used by schools, laboratories, and chemists everywhere. They offer plastic display tubes along with smoke-tinted, thick-walled, and unbreakable plastic test tubes that come with a screw-on cap. In addition to high-quality test tubes, they also sell plastic beakers and funnels, flasks, and plastic test tube holders. They also offer digital scales and filtration equipment. You can find them online at

Fisher Scientific

Fisher Scientific sells plastic test tubes, both polystyrene tubes and polypropylene tubes. The polystyrene tubes offer the best in optical clarity, but are prone to cracking (although not as much as glass test tubes) and cannot withstand high speeds on a centrifuge (only up to 1500 rpm). The polypropylene tubes don’t have quite the optical clarity, but won’t crack. They can withstand higher speeds in a centrifuge and can also contain more acidic solutions, where polystyrene tubes are only suitable for aqueous solutions. At Fisher Scientific, you can get 1000 polypropylene tubes for just $66, while you can get 1000 polystyrene tubes for $113. These guys have been around for a long time, and are backed by a solid reputation. Visit them online at

You should now be familiar with the many benefits that plastic test tubes have to offer, especially when compared to glass test tubes. They can be used for a wide variety of different purposes, and can be found at plenty of places on the internet at reasonable prices.

Plastic Storage Drawers

You need some storage drawers for use in organizing your home. However, you are torn because you aren’t sure whether you want plastic storage drawers or those that are made from another material like metal or wood. In this article, I will outline the major benefits associated with using plastic storage drawers as opposed to using metal or wood storage drawers, outline some of the key considerations that should be taken into account when purchasing plastic storage drawers, and discuss a few of the places where they can be purchased.

Save Money, Time, And Energy With Plastic Storage Drawers

Plastic storage drawers are generally less expensive than metal or wood storage drawers. Although they might not be as aesthetically appealing, they can provide a very affordable option if you are looking to organize anything from clothing to paperwork to literature. This is very important when you are running on a tight budget, like many people are during these difficult economic times. When using clear plastic storage boxes with drawers, you can view the contents of the drawer without having to pull it out, saving you valuable time if you are looking for something while you’re in a hurry. You don’t have this benefit with wood or metal storage drawers. This is one benefit that I really like, as I hate rummaging through drawers and cabinets while trying to find something fast. Plastic storage drawers are lighter in weight than wood or metal storage drawers, making them easier to move around and work with.

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Plastic Storage Drawers Are Used Extensively In Working Environments

Plastic storage bins with drawers are very popular for use in manufacturing environments. One reason for this is that they come in many different colors, allowing your facility to have a system of color-coded organization, where items are associated with a particular color, allowing workers to find things much faster. This can really come in handy in the maintenance area of a high-volume manufacturing plant, where things often need to be found fast in order to keep the plant running. Sometimes, this color-coded feature is not available with metal or wood storage drawers. Plastic storage drawers are often equipped with individual compartments within the drawers that allow you to sort and store a wide variety of items, including very small items like fittings or nuts and bolts that would be very difficult to keep track of otherwise. This feature is available with many metal storage drawers, but not so much for storage drawers that are made from wood. I have a few plastic storage boxes with drawers that I keep around the shop for storing such items, and they work great.

Plastic Storage Drawers Can Be Just As Durable As Other Storage Options

Although most plastic storage drawers are normally thought to be limited to storing smaller, lighter items, some of them are built to store heavier items such as power tools, making them just as useful as storage drawers that are made from other materials. Plastic storage drawers are much easier to clean than some metal and wood storage drawers because plastic doesn’t rust, and it’s not porous like wood. They are also less likely to stain from anything that is spilled on them or inside of them.

Plastic Storage Drawers Let You Take Your Storage With You

Plastic storage drawers on wheels are a very popular storage option for those who have to take their storage with them, such as a mechanic in a manufacturing plant who might need to take his tools with him as he goes from one machine to the next. Instances such as this make plastic tool boxes a very good option. There are metal storage drawers that come with wheels too, but they are heavier and harder to pull around. I had a friend who hurt his back while trying to pull one of those heavy-duty metal tool boxes.

Help The Environment By Using Plastic Storage Boxes

Another virtue of plastic storage drawers concerns their replacement. If they need to be replaced, they are generally easier to be recycled than storage drawers made from metal or wood.

These are some of the main advantages of plastic storage drawers versus storage drawers made from metal and wood. If you think about it, you could probably come up with many more. Hopefully thus far, I have helped you in making an important purchasing decision.

Key Considerations When Purchasing Plastic Storage Drawers

Before you run out and purchase just any old set of plastic storage drawers, you need to take into account a number of considerations in order to ensure that you get the best set of drawers for your needs. Here, I will outline some of the most important considerations, so that you don’t buy something that you regret later on.

What Exactly Do You Intend To Store?

Before you buy any plastic storage containers with drawers, you need to decide what you plan to keep in the drawers. This will dictate what size of drawers you need to buy, and perhaps, other things as well. For instance, if you are looking to store small items like jewelry, then you will need a smaller set of plastic storage drawers, perhaps with a set of dividers in the drawers that will help you keep these precious items separate and easier to find. If you are looking to store clothing, then you will need a much larger set of plastic storage drawers, preferably stackable plastic storage drawers that will help you save floor space, while still giving you the storage capacity that you need. If you are looking to store heavier items like tools, then you may want to select plastic storage drawers with thicker walls that will give them more strength, and make sure that the drawers move back and forth on a track so that the drawers don’t bind on each other when you try to open them.

How Much Stuff Do You Plan To Store?

What you end up buying will also be dictated by how much stuff you plan to store. If you need to store a large amount of things, then you may want to consider buying a wheeled cart with several plastic storage drawers. The wheels will help you move the drawers to exactly where you need them without destroying your back in the process. If you are storing just a small amount of things, then you may want to consider small plastic containers with drawers that have handles on top so that you can carry them around with you.

And, What Color Would You Like With Those Plastic Storage Drawers?

Color may or may not be a big deal to you, but you do need to decide what color you would prefer. This may depend on a number of different factors. For instance, if you are going to be using the plastic storage drawers in an office environment, then you won’t want them to clash with the office color scheme. If you will be using them in a manufacturing environment, then you may want to use several different colors in a color-coded system of storage. If you’re like me and prefer to be able to tell what is inside the drawer without having to open it, then you may want to go with clear plastic storage drawers.

Where To Buy Quality Plastic Storage Drawers

If you are looking to buy plastic storage drawers, then there are many places to look, depending on exactly what you need. Here, I will discuss five of the many places where you can find plastic storage drawers for your needs.

Wal-Mart sells the Sterilite brand plastic storage cart that has three plastic drawers. The drawers are clear so that you can quickly identify the contents of the drawer without having to open it. The cart is just over 15″ long, 22″ wide, and 24″ high. It sells for under $20. I own one of these carts for storing Christmas decorations. It’s light enough that I can put it up in the attic and keep it there throughout the year, and bring it back down when the time comes. The cart comes with four casters that are very easy to attach. This is a very popular item due to its inexpensiveness. Some people use this item in their pantries for storing small items like paper towels and toilet paper. If you’re like me and have young children, then you can use these plastic storage drawers for keeping their toys and clothing.

Sterilite Cart With Three Plastic Storage Drawers And Casters From Wal-Mart

Akro-Mils manufactures a large set of small plastic storage drawers that are eight drawers wide by eight drawers tall. These drawers are great for those who work in the shop with nuts and bolts, and other small items that can be extremely difficult to keep track of. You can use the 64 drawers to sort the items according to size or any other characteristic. I personally own one of these for storing nuts and bolts and it works great. It can be mounted on a wall as it does have a sturdy frame, not one of those with a glued back that falls apart over time. You can get this item for under $40 on

Akro-Mils Plastic Storage Drawers

Global Industrial sells a small plastic storage drawer that can be mounted on a shelf. These drawers are just under 5″ tall, 6″ wide, and 12″ deep. They’re great for storing items like lubricants, hand tools, and other small items, making them great for use at a manufacturing facility. The drawers have slots on the inside where you can put dividers that can be purchased separately. These plastic storage drawers also have an area on the front where you can attach a label. A fitted handle on the front allows for easy removal. These drawers can be purchased for less than $3 apiece. Find them online at

Target sells a metal-framed cart with six plastic storage drawers, each of a different color that allows for color-coded storage. The cart has a chrome finish, and the drawers are easy to clean. Just wipe them down with a damp cloth. The cart is about 3 feet high, 13″ wide, and 8.5″ deep. This cart has been used for a number of applications such as storing arts and craft supplies in the schools. The cart comes with wheels and weighs less than 11 pounds, so that it can be used almost anywhere.

Staples sells the Storex brand of stackable letter file drawers. These storage drawers are made from sturdy polypropylene and are used to store letter-size hanging files. They come in several different colors and are designed so that they can be stacked on top of each other up to 10 high in a space-saving arrangement. You can buy these for about $30 apiece. These are great in an office setting, such as my home office, where I don’t have enough room for a full-size filing cabinet.

Storex Stackable Letter File Drawers From Staples

After reading this article, you should now be able to decide whether buying a set of plastic storage drawers is the right thing for you. You should also be aware of some of the important things that you should be thinking about prior to buying any of these storage drawers, as well as where you can buy some of these items at a reasonable price.