Important Considerations When Buying Stained Glass Window Film

Properly installed static cling stained glass window film can provide you with a number of benefits if you decide to use it. For starters, it can give your windows the artistic appearance of actual stained glass windows at just a small fraction of the cost. It can also block some of the heat that would otherwise come into your home during the summer, helping you save money on your energy bill. In addition to that, it can protect your furniture and drapes from fading in color due to exposure to ultraviolet radiation. However, before you run out and buy some of this film, there are some important things that you need to consider. In this article, I will highlight some of the most important things that you should be thinking about prior to purchasing your very own stained glass window film.

How Much Stained Glass Window Film Will You Need?

Before you go to your local home improvement store or shop online to pick up some stained glass window film, you need to figure out how much of it you’re going to need. To figure this one out, you’re going to have to decide which windows in your house you are going to cover with the film. Then, you need to take measurements of your windows. At this point, you’ll have an idea as to how much you’ll need to buy. With a 24″ x 43″ sheet of stained glass window film going for just under $30, you can get an idea as to how much it will cost you to cover the windows in your house. Before you buy, you should always remember to buy more film than you think you’ll need, especially if this is your first time installing window film. This is because you may encounter some difficulties at first with air bubbles as you apply it to the windows. You should really practice on a scrap piece of wood until you have the technique right, before going to work on your windows.

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Static Cling Or Adhesive Backed? 

You need to decide whether to buy static cling stained glass window film or adhesive backed stained glass window film. You should almost always buy static cling window film instead of adhesive window film for a number of reasons. For one, static cling films are much easier to install. You can slide the film around until you get it into position on the window. With adhesive film, once you put it on the window, it’s there for good. You only have one chance to do it right. If you’ve never installed window film before, then you should definitely avoid adhesive film for this very reason. Adhesive film is extremely difficult to remove. In order to get it off of your windows, you have to soak it with ammonia for hours, and then spend more hours trying to scrape it off. Static cling films can simply be peeled off by hand. Not only that, but static cling film can be reused time after time. With adhesive film, you don’t have this option.

What Design Do You Want?

Stained glass window film comes in many different colors, with a wide array of available designs. The possibilities are virtually endless. You could go with a film that has numerous geometric patterns, floral patterns, patterns that depict marine life, or religious themes just to name a few. You need to shop around and decide on what design is best for you. If you have a custom design, then there are some suppliers out there who can produce it for you.

Floral Stained Glass Window Film From Home Depot

Where To Buy Your Film

You need to decide where you are going to buy your film. There are many, many places online where you can buy quality stained glass window film. Places like and have a wide selection of films from which to choose, and may even be able to produce some custom designs for you. You can also buy from online marketplaces like eBay or In addition to that, you can also check out the selection at your local home improvement store, where you may find some knowledgeable employees who might give you some helpful advice on what type of film to select and how to install it.

The amount of film that you’ll need, whether to buy adhesive film or static cling film, the design that you use, and where to buy the film are just a few of the important considerations that you need to take into account when buying decorative stained glass window film. If you take these items into consideration, then your experience will be a lot more positive.