Plastic Tool Boxes

You recently inherited a tool set, but you have nothing in which to keep it. You need to get a tool box, but you are not sure what type you should get. Everybody who does a lot of work with tools will have his own opinion about which type of tool box is best. Depending on how often you use your tools, and how many tools you have, you need to figure out whether you need a tool box that you can carry with you, or a big toolbox that mounts to the bed of your truck. Once you have decided that, you need to decide whether you want a plastic tool box or a metal tool box. Contrary to popular belief, plastic tool boxes have many of the same benefits as metal tool boxes, and some other benefits that are unique to the plastic tool boxes. This article will explore some of these benefits of using plastic tool boxes and help you decide if plastic tool boxes should be a part of your purchasing decisions.

Contrary to popular belief, most plastic tool boxes are built to do the exact same jobs that metal tool boxes are designed to do. Like their metal counterparts, plastic tool boxes are made in a wide variety of sizes from small portable plastic tool boxes that you carry by hand to the big tool boxes that mount onto the back of your truck. Plastic tool boxes are generally less expensive than metal tool boxes, partly because of the bum rap they receive for being made of plastic.

Plastic tool boxes are much lighter than metal tool boxes of the same size. This goes a long way if you are a contractor or a mechanic who is in constant need of your tool box and you have to constantly lug it around with you from one job to the next. In this case, a plastic tool box could prevent you from suffering a debilitating injury such as those associated with a bad back. Plastic tool boxes are equipped with numerous trays that contain dividers in which to store small parts. When the tool box is opened, the trays fold out like steps. The bigger items are stored at the bottom, while the smaller ones are kept in the trays. Most metal tool boxes are not built with this feature. These tool boxes are mainly your portable tool boxes that you carry around with you, for light electrical work, or even as a fishing tackle box. When it comes to fishing, these types of tool boxes are great for storing small items like fishing hooks, lures, and other tackle. If you want to combine the lightweight features of a plastic tool box with being able to carry a lot of equipment, consider plastic tool boxes with wheels that can easily be pushed around on just about any type of shop floor.

Unlike metal tool boxes, plastic tool boxes don’t rust. Plastic tool boxes for trucks will not rust even though they sit out in the rain all the time. Granted, many metal tool boxes are designed not to rust as well, but not all of them. Plastic tool boxes are less likely to dent, although they can get scuffed up a bit, depending on where they are being used and how they are handled. Just like metal truck-mounted tool boxes, plastic tool boxes for trucks are equipped with locks to help protect your tools while you’re not around.

From reading this article, you should now be more informed about the benefits of owning plastic tool boxes and why you should consider them in your purchasing decisions.