How Window Privacy Film Can Protect Your Business And Make It More Profitable

If you’re like I am and own a place of business in the center of a busy town, then you know how important it is to protect it from an act of crime or vandalism. At the same time, with the economy in what seems to be a perpetual state of recession, you need to make money in any way possible. In this article, I will share with you how you can achieve both of those goals with the use of window privacy film.

How Window Privacy Film Can Protect Your Place Of Business From Crime

When I speak of an act of crime being perpetrated on a place of business, I am referring to an act of burglary, with someone breaking into the place and stealing valuable equipment. It might not have occurred to you yet, but window privacy film might be able to keep this from happening to you. Window privacy film works by keeping people on the outside from seeing inside your home or place of business. Most enterprising criminals will scout a place out before deciding to break into it. This will almost always involve looking through the windows to see if there is anything inside that is worth stealing. After all, why take the risk of jail time by breaking into a place, only to find nothing in there that’s worth taking? If you have privacy window film installed on the windows of your place of business, then a would-be burglar would have no idea as to what’s on the other side of the window. In this particular instance, he would be more likely to leave your place alone and search for a more promising target. Keep in mind that if the burglar is still determined to break into your place of business, then the film will not stop him from doing so. It will just make him less likely to do it.

Protect The Occupants Of Your Place Of Business

Another benefit that comes with the use of many window privacy films is improved shatter resistance. Window films that are designed for this purpose will keep your window from shattering into flying shards that could seriously hurt you or your customers in the event of a violent storm or an act of vandalism. Note that the film will not prevent your windows from breaking, it will just keep the glass from shattering and flying everywhere.

Attract Some Business With Decorative Window Film Privacy

Another benefit that your business can get with the use of window film privacy comes from the fact that you can get your film in many different colors with an infinite number of designs on it. If your window film has really loud colors with a very catchy design, then it might turn some heads and draw the attention of potential customers who drive by your business, or walk past it en route to somewhere else. You know as well as I do, that with most businesses, the hardest part is getting people in the door. In this respect, window privacy film can help you do that. By helping to bring more traffic into your business, window privacy film can help your business bring in more revenue, making it more profitable and successful.

Bright And Loud Window Film That Can Draw Attention – From

By keeping would-be criminals from being able to see inside your place of business, with the use of window privacy film, you can make your place of business safer. Window privacy film can also attract new customers to your place of business with loud and catchy designs that can result in a badly needed revenue boost for your business. Go out and buy some window privacy film today!

How To Remove Old Or Damaged Window Film Privacy From Your Windows

You have some window film privacy that has been installed on your windows for quite some time. It’s starting to show some signs of wear and tear, such as scratching and discoloration due to exposure to ultraviolet radiation from the sun. It’s starting to look rather unsightly. On top of that, you’re thinking about changing the designs that are on the film. This means that you need to replace the privacy window film that is on your windows. In order to replace your film, the first thing that you have to do is to remove it from the windows. Depending on the type of window film that you have, this may be quite easy or rather difficult. In this article, I will outline a general procedure by which you can remove most types of window film privacy.

Removing Static Cling Privacy Window Film

If you have static cling window film on your windows right now, then you’re in luck. This is because most kinds of static cling window privacy film can be removed quite easily due to the fact that they rely solely on static electricity in order to stay on the window. No messy or cumbersome adhesives are involved. A lot of times, all that you have to do is to peel the film off of the window, starting at the corners and working diagonally across the window. You might need to use a sharp razor blade in order to get it started, but once it gets started, the film will usually come right off. If you do need to use a razor blade, then you need to be extremely careful that you don’t scratch the window. If the film comes off in one piece, then you can use it on another window if you want to, assuming that it is in good enough condition. If your window film is particularly stubborn, and the above procedure doesn’t work, then you can try wetting the film down with water from a spray bottle, or you can apply heat from a hairdryer. The heat will make the film pliable, which should help you get it off of the window.

Removing Damaged Window Film Privacy – Picture From Advanced Film Solutions, Inc.

Removing Privacy Window Films With Adhesives

If your privacy window film has adhesives on it, then your task will probably be a bit more difficult. In order to remove your film, you will need to get a spray bottle that is filled with an ammonia-based glass cleaning solution. You should also cover up any surfaces that are adjacent to the window in order to avoid spilling ammonia on them. You can do this with a sheet of plastic or cloth. You might even want to wear goggles and gloves while applying the ammonia.

However, before using any ammonia, you should first try to remove the film by peeling it at the corners and working diagonally across the window. You can use a razor blade to help you do this. Just don’t scratch the window with it. If there is still film left on your window after this, and there probably will be, then spray the ammonia on it, as well as where the film broke off when you were peeling it. Then, let the ammonia sit on the film for a while before doing anything else. This will allow the ammonia time to soak into the film and break down the adhesive that is keeping it on the window. You can let it sit for an hour or even longer to allow for this to happen. Some have even drenched their film with the ammonia and let it sit overnight.

After the ammonia-coated film has had time to sit, spray the film again with the ammonia and start trying to peel it off the window. It should come off a lot easier. You can use the razor blade here if you need to. Try to keep the blade on the film rather than on the window.

Once you get all of the film off, there will almost certainly be some residue left on your window from the adhesive. You can spray the window with the solution again, and that should take care of the residue, and make your window ready to go for your next sheet of window privacy film. If you haven’t considered it yet, then now would be the perfect time to consider using a static cling window film so that you won’t have to deal with any adhesive the next time you have to remove the film.

Now, you are armed with a procedure that will help you remove that old or damaged window film from your windows, so that you can put on something that is brand new and more visually appealing.

How To Repair Minor Cosmetic Issues On Your Privacy Window Film

After doing some careful research and talking with friends who have privacy window film installed on their windows, you made the decision to purchase and install some of your own window film. So far, you really like the way that it looks and you can’t wait until the benefits of owning the film really start to kick in. However, there are some minor cosmetic issues that you might encounter along the way. In this article, I will discuss three of the most commonly encountered cosmetic problems with privacy window film and how you can repair them so that your film will continue to look and function at its best.

Repairing Scratches On Your Privacy Window Film

Scratches constitute the most frequently encountered cosmetic problem with window privacy film. Plastic window film scratches quite easily, most often from people who brush up against it, or from things that are thrown against the window. If you have young children like me, then you can probably relate to that one. These scratches can really take away from the appearance of your window film and may even negate one of the biggest reasons why you installed it in the first place. The good news for you is that there is a neat way that you can repair these scratches so that you don’t ever see them again. If your film gets scratched, then apply some clear fingernail polish to the affected areas on the film. However, when using the polish, be very careful to confine it to the affected areas only. This technique has been found to work quite well on automotive window tinting films as well as on home privacy window film.

Scratched Window Film – Picture From, If It’s Scratched This Bad, Then You Should Probably Replace It

How To Deal With Peeling

After a while, you may notice that some of your film is beginning to peel away from the window, especially in the corners of the window. This can often be attributed to condensation or the loss of static charge in between the window and the film. One way in which you can resolve this problem is by wetting the peeling film down with a squirt bottle. Once you’ve done that, press the film back against the window and dry it off with a soft cloth. The rubbing from the drying of the film should generate enough of a static charge that will keep the film on the window so that it won’t peel anymore. If that won’t do the trick, then you can heat the film with a hairdryer. The heat will make the film tacky and pliable so that it will conform and adhere to the surface to which you apply it. Once the film becomes pliable and tacky, remove the heat and press the film against the window. Just be careful not to overheat the film. Otherwise, you might have to replace the entire sheet.

What To Do About Those Air Bubbles

Over time, you might start to notice the appearance of tiny air bubbles that crop up in between the film and the window. While some of these air bubbles might result from human error that takes place during installation, most of the smaller ones will result from either condensation or thermal expansion and contraction. The best way to deal with these tiny air bubbles is to pierce them with a sharp razor knife. Piercing the bubble will release the air within the bubble and pull the film back against the window where it belongs. The mark from the bubble and the puncturing will eventually disappear.

Scratches, air bubbles, and peeling are three of the most commonly encountered issues when dealing with window film privacy. However, now you are equipped to deal with these issues in the event that any of them arise.

Window Privacy Film

After reviewing the benefits of privacy window film elsewhere on this website, you have decided that you would like to know more about it, and possibly buy some of your own. In this article, I will discuss how you can determine what kind of window privacy film is best for you, how you can get good deals on it, and how to clean your window film after you’ve had it installed for a while.

So, Why Are You Buying Window Privacy Film?

The answer to this question may seem obvious, but there are other reasons why you might want to buy some window privacy film for your home or office. This is because many of the window films that are on the market today offer benefits that go way beyond just keeping people on the outside of your home from seeing inside. These benefits include protecting curtains and other interior items from the harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation, heat rejection and heat retention capabilities that keep heat from traveling through your windows, glare reduction, room darkening, and decoration. If any of these benefits are important to you, then you need to select a window film that is going to give you those benefits, as no two window films are the same. So, when selecting a window film, deciding what benefits are the most important to you is the first step in the process.

Types Of Window Privacy Film

There are several different types of window privacy film that you can use on your home or in your office. Each type has its own unique set of advantages and disadvantages. Frosted window film gives your windows the appearance of frosted glass at just a fraction of the price. This type of film can give you 24-hour privacy, along with many of the other benefits discussed above. For this reason, it is also used on shower enclosures, often giving it the nickname of bathroom window privacy film. Frosted window privacy film is used quite often in decorative applications where the film may show neat designs like etched leaf patterns and floral designs. Perhaps, the main drawback to using this film is that while it keeps people on the outside from seeing inside, it also keeps you from seeing outside. The film comes in varying degrees of frost by which you can control how well you can see outside, but remember that that works the same way on the outside too.

Stained glass window film is another widely used form of decorative window film privacy. You can get stained glass window film in a wide variety of colors, with an infinite number of designs. One of the places where stained glass is most common is at the local church, where the multi-colored windows add color to any light that comes through. This film has the same effect on your windows without you having to buy expensive stained glass windows. The different colors and designs on the film can make it very difficult for someone on the outside of your home who is trying to see inside.

One way window privacy film, also known as mirrored window privacy film, gives you a clear view of the outside during the day, while those on the outside can’t see inside. On the outside, windows that are treated with one way window film look as if they are mirrors during the day. For this reason, one way film is also known as reflective window film. However, you need to keep in mind that at night, the mirroring effect reverses. If you have interior lights on at night, people on the outside will have an unobstructed view of the inside, while you can’t see anything on the outside, so if you need 24-hour privacy with this film, then you will need to get some curtains or blinds to go along with the film to give you plenty of nighttime privacy. The important thing to remember when dealing with this type of film is that it gives privacy to the side of the film that is darker.

One Way Mirrored Window Film From

In addition to the films that I have described above, there are also tinting films that you can buy that can provide a darkening effect to your rooms, giving you a measure of privacy. This is the same kind of film that is used in automotive window tinting applications. These films come in varying degrees of tint, so you need to decide how much tint is best for you.

Regardless of which film you use, I strongly recommend using a static cling window film, as the static cling films are much easier to install and remove. This is because the cling films rely solely on static electricity to stay on the windows. There is no messy adhesive involved. The ease of removal often gives static cling film the nickname of removable window privacy film. Also remember that any of these films that I described above can provide you with some of the benefits that I described earlier in the article. Just make sure before you buy that the film does in fact give you the benefits that you desire.

Frosted Window Film From

How To Get Good Deals On Window Privacy Film

By now, you may have already made the decision as to whether you will buy any residential window privacy film. If you have made the decision to buy some film, then you will need to decide where you are going to get it, and how to do it at a reasonable price. Here, I will outline some steps that you can take to help you accomplish this objective.

Stained Glass Window Film I Recently Bought At Target. Pretty Cool, Huh?

– The first step is deciding how soon you will need your home window privacy film. If you don’t need it right away, then you can order it online and you might get a better price for it. If you do need it right away, then you will probably be better off going to a store in your area where it is sold.

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Where To Get Your Window Privacy Film Fast

– Visit your local hardware store or home improvement chain stores like Lowe’s or Home Depot. There is a good chance that they will have what you are looking for. There may also be employees who can help you purchase the right kind of window privacy film for your needs, and may give you some valuable advice that you can use during the installation of your window privacy film.

– Don’t forget to check out one-stop shops like Wal-Mart and Target, where you can get a wide variety of items from auto parts to clothing to fishing supplies all under one roof, often at prices that can’t be beaten anywhere else. This may be ideal if you need your decorative window film privacy right away, and know exactly what you need to buy.

– Talk to any friends or family members who may have recently installed one way window privacy film and ask them how they like it. They may be able to point you in the direction of a very nice deal.

– If you know anyone who works in the home improvement industry, then they could be a valuable resource in helping you get what is right for you. If they are really good friends of yours, then they might even give you some extra window privacy film that they have, and give you some pointers on installing it. This is how I ended up with some frosted window film for my shower enclosure.

Shopping Online For Window Privacy Film

– If you can wait a few days for your window privacy film, then you can look up some of the leading brands of window privacy film and do some research on those brands by reading blog posts and reviews from those who have had experience with those brands. From this, you may be able to steer clear of poor quality window film.

– Check out online auction sites like eBay, where you can often get awesome deals on a wide variety of items at bargain basement prices. I’ve bought just about everything under the sun on eBay. My advice here would be to only buy from sellers who have a positive feedback rating. By doing this, I always got what I wanted without a problem on eBay.

– Visit online one-stop shops like and where you can get plenty of bargains at reasonable prices. You can get prices on Amazon that often can’t be beaten anywhere else, as most sellers on Amazon don’t carry any inventory. This helps them keep their costs down. When you order something on Amazon, the seller often just places an order with the supplier, who then ships the product directly to you. In some instances, the seller may even throw in free shipping.

– There are also many manufacturers and retailers who sell window privacy film from their websites, and may offer free shipping if your order is big enough. Such suppliers include and

If you take the time to follow the steps outlined above, you should be able to procure the right kind of window privacy film at the best available price.

Keep Your Window Privacy Film Clean

Once you’ve purchased your window privacy film and installed it on your windows, you will want to keep it clean and looking at its best. Although you may be tempted to start cleaning the film right away, you need to check with the manufacturer before doing so. This is because many window privacy films require you to wait for at least 30 days before cleaning it, because most films require a certain amount of time for static electricity to build up between the film and the window. If you clean it too soon, you might pull it off of the window.

Once you’ve gotten the all-clear from the manufacturer, you will need to procure a squirt bottle that contains a light soapy water mixture, or a glass cleaning solution that is ammonia-free and abrasive-free. You will also need a soft cloth or a synthetic sponge. Using the bottle, squirt the cleaning solution onto the film and gently wipe with the cloth or sponge, removing any dirt, grease, and oil smudges that may have been left behind by someone touching the windows. Be careful not to apply too much pressure to the window when doing this, as you don’t want to scratch the film.

After doing this, you will need to dry the film with another soft cloth. Whatever you do, do not, under any circumstances, use paper towels or newspapers to dry the window, as these materials will scratch the film badly. For the same reason, don’t use too much pressure when drying the film. Also, be sure not to use the same cloth that you might have used to clean the window frame and the sill.

Now, you know a little bit more about the many different types of window privacy film available, how to select the best type for your needs, how to get the best deals on window film, and how to keep it clean once you’ve bought and installed it. So, let’s get to work!

Privacy Film For Windows

You’re getting sick and tired of your small town neighbors keeping tabs on what you’re doing both inside and outside of your house. Unfortunately, there isn’t a single thing that you can do to change their behavior. However, there are some things that you can do to help maintain some degree of privacy in spite of these unwanted neighbors. One of these options includes installing privacy film for windows. This allows you to see outside during the day time, while keeping the neighbors from being able to see in from the outside. There may also be some added benefits, including a cooler room during the summer, and a warmer room during the winter, depending on what type of privacy film you get. In this article, I will discuss some of the places where you can find privacy film for windows at a very reasonable price.

At, you can shop for thousands of items for prices that often can’t be beaten anywhere else. You can buy everything from books to jewelry to home improvement supplies that include privacy window film. Right now, on Amazon you can buy 36″ x 72″ sheet of etched glass privacy window film that gives the appearance of an etched glass window at just a fraction of the cost. It’s easy to install and does not involve the use of any messy adhesives. It is translucent, so you can still see outside through the film, although without as much clarity. This type of film offers great protection from ultraviolet radiation and is not affected in the least by heat or humidity. This film is of the Artscape brand, and you can get it on Amazon for just under $30. It also qualifies for free shipping.

Etched Glass Window Film By Artscape On

At this website, you can buy a host of outdoor decorations, lawn and indoor lighting, and home decor items. You can also buy window film here as well. Right now, on this website you can buy semi-opaque window film, which will obstruct the view on the inside for anyone who is on the outside. This film is a static cling window film that can be easily installed, easily removed, and reused again without a problem. In spite of its semi-opacity, this film still allows plenty of sunshine to come through it. It’s great for use on shower enclosures and garage windows. You can buy 78″ x 19″ sheet of this film for just $9.99!

At, you can get a frosted privacy window film that can make your windows appear to be sandblasted. They can give your room plenty of privacy, while still allowing plenty of light to come through. The film blocks out 98% of ultraviolet radiation from the sun, and comes in 48″ sheets. You can get one of these sheets for less than eight dollars apiece. On their website, they offer a detailed procedure by which you can remove old window film and install this film in its place.

Here, you can buy a wide variety of static cling vinyl privacy window films that you can apply to your windows, doors, or shower enclosures. One example of the many different types of window film that they sell is the Everleaf static cling decorative window privacy film. It features a two-toned leaf pattern that can add a real stroke of beauty to the glass that you apply it to. This film is easy to install and lasts for years. It is easy to trim to the size that will fit on your window, and it’s also very easy to remove. You can get a 16″ x 74″ sheet of this film for just $33.00. In addition to this film, these guys also sell numerous types of stained glass window film, embossed window film, and other decorative films.

Everleaf Privacy Window Film From

Gila is a leading brand of premium window film privacy. Their privacy films for windows keep people from seeing inside your home while blocking heat and the harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation. These films reduce glare and can even provide a sleek, mirrored appearance to those on the outside if you prefer. Some of their films can even give you 24-hour indoor privacy. Gila also produces static cling energy saving films that keep heat from escaping through your windows, helping you to save money on your utility bills. Regardless of your needs, Gila provides a film that can satisfy you. The only thing is that you have to buy from a dealer. You can find a dealer on their website at

This article should give you a good start when it comes to selecting the right kind of privacy film for windows that will help to maintain your privacy and potentially save you money on your energy bills. It’s best to check all of these sources for privacy window film and compare prices before deciding to make a purchase, as prices do vary from one supplier to the next.